H406: Guilford County Schools Funding Requests. Latest Version

Passed 1st Reading

AN ACT to appropriate funds to continue programs in guilford county schools for tutoring, learning hubs, and the innovative signature career academy.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Department of Public Instruction for the 2023‑2024 fiscal year the sum of eight million nine hundred thousand dollars ($8,900,000) in nonrecurring funds to be allocated as a directed grant to Guilford County Schools to support academic support programs as follows:

(1)        Three million one hundred thousand dollars ($3,100,000) to support the high dosage tutoring program by hiring more tutors, expanding tutoring subject areas, and offering more tutoring sessions.

(2)        Three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) to support the learning hub program by providing students that are at risk of not graduating a flexible, individualized program to complete graduation requirements and increase graduation rates.

(3)        Two million five hundred thousand dollars ($2,500,000) to support the Innovative Signature Career Academy Program established pursuant to Section 7.72 of S.L. 2021‑180 by expanding enrollment and purchasing industry‑standard equipment and technology.

SECTION 2.  This act becomes effective July 1, 2023.