H673: Expand Traffic Stop Data Reporting. Latest Version

AN ACT To expand and clarify statewide traffic stop data reporting and collection.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  G.S. 143B‑903 reads as rewritten:

§ 143B‑903.  Collection of traffic law enforcement statistics.

(a)        In addition to its other duties, the Department of Public Safety shall collect, correlate, and maintain the following information regarding traffic law enforcement by law enforcement officers:

(15)      The geographic location of the stop; if the officer making the stop is a member of the State Highway Patrol, the location shall be the Highway Patrol District and the longitude and latitude or mile marker in which the stop was made; for all other law enforcement officers, the location shall be the city or county and the longitude and latitude, nearest address, intersection, or mile marker in which the stop was made.

(d)       Each law enforcement officer making a stop covered by subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of this section shall be assigned an anonymous identification number by the officer's employing agency. agency and that number shall be used by the officer in all stop reports. The anonymous identifying number shall be public record and shall be reported to the Department to be correlated along with the data collected under subsection (a) of this section. The correlation between the identification numbers and the names of the officers shall not be a public record, and shall not be disclosed by the agency except when required by order of a court of competent jurisdiction to resolve a claim or defense properly before the court.


SECTION 2.  This act becomes effective October 1, 2021, and applies to (i) data collected on or after that date and (ii) citations, criminal processes, and other State forms completed by law enforcement officers on or after that date.