S43: Protect Religious Meeting Places. Latest Version

AN ACT to enact the religious assembly security and protection act of 2021.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  This act shall be known as The Religious Assembly Security and Protection Act of 2021.

SECTION 2.  G.S. 14‑269.2(a) is amended by adding a new subdivision to read:

(1c)    School operating hours. – Any time when curricular or extracurricular activities are taking place on the premises and any time when the premises are being used for educational, instructional, or school‑sponsored activities.

SECTION 3.  G.S. 14‑269.2 is amended by adding a new subsection to read:

(k1)    For the purposes of this subsection, property owned by a local board of education or county commission shall not be construed as a building that is a place of religious worship as defined in G.S. 14‑54.1. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a person who has a concealed handgun permit that is valid under Article 54B of this Chapter, or who is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to that Article, if all of the following conditions apply:

(1)        The person possesses and carries a handgun on educational property other than an institution of higher education as defined by G.S. 116‑143.1 or a nonpublic, postsecondary educational institution.

(2)        The educational property is the location of both a school and a building that is a place of religious worship as defined in G.S. 14‑54.1.

(3)        The weapon is a handgun.

(4)        The handgun is only possessed and carried on educational property outside of the school operating hours.

(5)        The person or persons in legal possession or control of the premises have not posted a conspicuous notice prohibiting the carrying of a concealed handgun on the premises in accordance with G.S. 14‑415.11(c).

SECTION 4.  G.S. 14‑415.11(c) reads as rewritten:

(c)      Except as provided in G.S. 14‑415.27, a permit does not authorize a person to carry a concealed handgun in any of the following:

(1)        Areas prohibited by G.S. 14‑269.2, 14-269.3, and 14-277.2.except as allowed under G.S. 14‑269.2(k1).

(1a)      Areas prohibited by G.S. 14‑269.3 and G.S. 14‑277.2.


SECTION 5.  This act becomes effective December 1, 2021.